Google: Uncover Your World

The first rich mobile ad using Google's admob platform featuring touch exploration, games, and videos

Google wanted a mobile banner ad built to show off their new admob rich media platform for iOS. They also wanted it to promote their new Google Search App for iOS.

The ad included three interactive games. One was a marble game which utilized the device's accelerometer. It contained letter keys representing typing by keyboard which would slow you down and jumps representing voice search which allowed you to jump past the keys.

I was tasked with building the ad in HTML, Javascript and CSS. The ad included an intro video as well as several video that are played as you uncovered the buildings. There is also the main street view that users can swipe through to explore. The ad included three games, a memory game, a marble game and a wac-a-mole game. I used a loading technique that allowed crisp high resolution graphics on retina devices as well as an easy port to the iPad. I also built a small iOS app for rapid testing.

The end result was a mobile ad that was visually stunning, entertaining and engaging. The ad went on to win the FITC Award for mobile advertising, the FWA Site of the Day and Webby People's Voice award.