Shaun White's Driving Upgrade

An immersive web experience utilizing visualizations to track shaun white's heart rate and other metrics as he learns to drive rally

The Martin Agency hired Grow Interactive to build the website for BF Goodrich's Shaun White campaign documenting the snow boarder learning to drive rally cars from their experts. The site needed to be built in two weeks to align with a television media campaign.

The Flash site featured numerous videos of the process of Shaun learning from the pros as well as a rich data visualization experience showing heart rate, g-force and speed overlaid on footage of an exhilarating thrill ride. There were also unlock-able videos and features hidden throughout the site.

I was responsible for building the interactive thrill ride. Synchronizing data collected in a variety of formats to the timestamp of the video and then visualizing them on the screen. I also built a number of components for the core site including the video playhead and unlock-able pop ups.

The result was a rich entertaining website with tons of content allowing you to play and explore while watching Shaun White fling around the track. The site went on to win the FWA Site of the Day.