Lightroom Discover

A community for learning right inside Lightroom

Adobe was looking for a way to engage lightroom users as well as demistify the photo editing process. Inspired by the kinds of interactions occuring naturally on other social platforms. I thought a community where people could share their editing process tightly integrated into the app itself would be valuable to beginners and veterans alike.

Because Lightroom is non-destructive photo editing, all the information of what was changed, as well as the original RAW file are available. Using this information we can play back the editing process. With the push of a button users can share an image along with their edit process for others to learn from. They can gain followers and seek out photogrophers they like to follow. Users can swipe through the edit process of a photo on mobile and see each individual change. Because we have all the edit information each final edit can be saved as a preset and applied to other images.

I was a key member of the team that ideated, prototyped and pitched this idea to become a feature inside of lightroom. We built a prototype that integrated with Adobe's Community Platform and we did extensive user testing with the prototype to validate and refine our idea. I also developed a tool that allowed users to publish more elaborate step by step tutorials based on their edits, which was then used in Lightroom's learn section.

The feature helped increase engagement and retention in the Lightroom applications and we were awarded a patent for the invention.

Patent: Edit experience for transformation of digital content.