The Big Picture

A community for learning right inside Lightroom

Can a better web lead to a greener world? Google thinks so, and "The Big Picture" highlights the company's efforts to that end, depicting the ways they minimize their environmental impact and generate change beyond their operations.

The HTML website details Google's multifaceted approach to change, showing how the company's efforts all work in tandem towards a common goal. Infographics exemplify each area of focus, while a unique design style ties everything together under the Google brand. Subtle CSS animations bring the site to life as users scroll, encouraging further exploration and learning.

For users who want to learn more, each section features in-depth information like educational videos and white papers. We also created a two-minute animated video, titled "Greening our grid through renewable energy purchase", in the same design style of the site.

The site was developed in accordance with Google's technical requirements and proprietary CMS, allowing our work to be seamlessly integrated with the existing Google Green website.

Check out the site here.