Quest for the Graphical Web

Rich animated presentation showcasing the graphical features of the web

Adobe asked me to come up with the concept and content for a keynote presentation for the Graphical Web conference. The keynote needed to discuss the graphical aspects of the web.

I worked with illustrator David Luepschen to design the characters and booked voice talent for the characters voices. I also brought in Drastic Music for audio and sound effects.

I came up with a tale involving a protagonist, 'Div', who travels through a world to make the web more graphically interesting. Along the way he meets characters that represent the graphical aspects of the web.

The result was an impressive interactive application that introduced the features of the web. Adobe enjoyed it so much they used it for a variety of presentations including their highly publicized Create The Web event. The accompanying website went on to win the Awwwwards Site of the Day Awwwards Site of the Day.