Forest Giant

With the help of National Geographic, we used content from their feature titled ‘Forest Giant’ to build a prototype showcasing how these features can enable rich web layout and responsive techniques. This article will show how we built some particularly interesting characteristics of the site. For a concise overview it’s worth watching this video below where Christian Cantrell walks you through the various features of the site.

I desinged and devloped the article to match the print version as accurately as possible. Using layout features traditionally difficult or impossible to do on the web in a responsive design. We also used WebGL and GLSL filters to create rich interesting visual animations and interactions.

We also made a mobile version of the website which integrated with touch and a paginated layout for navigating horizontally. You can see a demo of this application in the video below.

National Geographic were so pleased with the results that they helped discuss and showcase our work at Adobe MAX.

Check it out in this Case Study on HTML5Rocks.